Plenary talks are 30 minutes long and give a broad overview of the topic. We encourage decision makers to attend the plenary sessions to understand the impact of vehicle crime on your organization and the wider economy. Topics include:

  • The Economic Aspect of Vehicle Crime
  • The Vulnerability of Today’s Car: Vehicle System Hacking
  • How Crime Mapping, Linkage Analysis and Environmental Assessment can assist in the Prevention of Vehicle Crime
  • Development in the field of GPS Location
  • E Natis: Friend or Foe
  • Vehicles and Terrorism: the Vehicle as a Currency for Crime
  • Intelligent LPR
  • Cross Border Vehicle Crime: International Perspective and Best Practice
  • Asset Forfeiture – Vehicle Crime
  • Truck Hijacking and Cargo Freight Theft
  • Cross Border Vehicle Crime: A Local Perspective
  • Advance Telematics technology in the Short Term Insurance Industry
  • Organised Vehicle Crime: The Brazen Syndicates
  • The Role of the Media in the fight against Vehicle Crime
  • The Role of Technology in the fight against Vehicle Crime
  • Vehicle Finance Fraud
  • Vehicle Jamming
  • Insurance Fraud and the Power of Data


Training sessions take place in parallel, and are 1.5 hours in length. These sessions are hands-on training sessions aimed to share  best practice and improve skills on the various subjects.  Some of the training session topics include:

  1. Vehicle Arson Investigation

  2. Accident Staging/Money Raising

  3. Organised Vehicle Crime: A Case Study

  4. Vehicle Jamming

  5. Cross Border Movement of Vehicles

  6. Telematics Technology vs Vehicle Crime

  7. Vehicle Finance Fraud

  8. Heavy Equipment Theft & Investigation

  9. Insurance Fraud and the Power of Data

  10. Truck and Trailer Theft: Challenges and Investigation Techniques

  11. Cargo/Freight Theft: Challenges & Solutions

  12. Cloned Vehicles

  13. Bait Car: A Case Study

  14. Microdot investigative techniques (WOMV)

  15. Theft by Method

  16. Motor Cycle Theft, Challenges & Solutions

  17. The use of rental vehicles in crime

  18. The Use of Social Media as an investigative  technique

  19. Keyless Car theft

  20. Vin identification and decoding